I’m sure most of you have heard the story of the man who, desperately ill, goes to an analyst and tells the doctor that he has lost his desire to live and that he is seriously considering suicide. The doctor listens to this tale of melancholia and then tells the patient that what he needs is a good belly laugh. He advises the unhappy man to go to the circus that night and spend the evening laughing at Grock, the world’s funniest clown. The doctor sums it up, ‘After you have seen Grock, I am sure you will be much happier.’ The patient rises to his feet, looks sadly at the doctor, turns and ambles to the door. As he starts to leave, the doctor says, ‘By the way what is your name?’ The man turns and regards the analyst with sorrowful eyes. ‘I am Grock.’

Groucho Marx

From his book, Groucho and Me

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i have a drummer friend who is no longer able to play at all, or even do the most basic things because of a damaged nerve in his back. he has extreme pain throughout his lower body .he’s had a spinal surgery and has already had to re-learn to walk once. he’s already paid for three surgeries with no insurance coverage, but he needs one more to be completely healed. please help if you can. 

Hey everyone!
Would you kindly take a moment to ready my story on the link below:

here’s his story, in his words. 

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If I could help, I would. Signal boosting for this man. Everyone deserves to live without pain.



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